Lumina Hospice

Benton Hospice Service is dedicated to compassionate care for dying persons and their families. We emphasize control of pain and other symptoms so that people may spend their last months in dignity and comfort.

A team of professionals and volunteers work together to complement the care provided by friends and loved ones. Hospice enables people to enjoy comfort, choice, and control over their remaining life.

Benton Hospice Service is located in Corvallis, Oregon. We have provided care to terminally ill patients and their families since 1980 as an independent, non-profit healthcare organization. While we primarily serve residents of Linn and Benton County, we also provide end-of-life care for people living in adjoining counties (Lane, Lincoln, and Polk). From Monmouth to Monroe to Junction City, from Alsea to Albany to Lebanon, Benton Hospice Service is here to help.

Hospice is an approach to end-of-life care that addresses the needs of the terminally ill and their family. Hospice considers the whole person—the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social—as it seeks to ease suffering, protect dignity, and respect the choices of the dying.

Hospice becomes an option when your doctor believes you have six months or less to live if your disease or condition were to run its natural course. When treatments are no longer effective or when your physical and emotional pain become too much for you or your family, hospice can provide comfort and support.